Brewing Romance: Austin’s Ultimate Coffee Lover’s Date Guide

Cheers to love, coffee, and unforgettable moments in the capital city of Texas!

Austin is an ideal city for coffee-loving couples to embark on a romantic date. Whether you’re exploring trendy coffee shops, indulging in coffee-infused desserts, or sipping on inventive coffee cocktails, Austin has something for every caffeine connoisseur. In this blog, we’ll guide you through three must-visit coffee shops, three dessert destinations, and three romantic spots crafting tantalizing coffee cocktails for an unforgettable, caffeine fueled dates in Austin.

Coffee Shops:

1. Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

Better Half Coffee & Cocktails offers a unique blend of both your caffeine and cocktail desires. Start your date with the Better Half Cold Brew, a meticulously crafted cold brew that serves as the perfect prelude to their cocktail offerings. The industrial-chic setting and a spacious patio create a trendy and inviting atmosphere for a coffee-centric rendezvous.

2. Codependent Cocktails + Coffee

Discover a fusion of caffeine and creativity at Codependent Cocktails + Coffee on South Lamar. Try a Cafe Marocchino for a perfect blend of cappuccino, chocolate, and hazelnut that will wow any coffee lover . The chic and modern interior, along with the skilled baristas, creates a contemporary coffee experience.

3. Revival Coffee

Revival Coffee offers a serene escape for coffee enthusiasts and lovers of all things pink. Sip on their signature Abuelita Latte, a meticulously crafted latte that even your grandma will love. The pink and serene atmosphere is perfectly Instagrammable and a great backdrop for a coffee date.

Coffee Desserts:

4. Red Ash

Red Ash is known for upscale Italian dining so, it’s no surprise they have excellent Tiramisu, featuring mascarpone cream, espresso cake, and crushed amaretti. The Espresso Affogato is another devine coffee desert of an espresso shot poured over a scoop of gelato. Their ambiance of modern elegance provides a sophisticated setting for date night.

5. Dolce Neve

Indulge your sweet tooth at Dolce Neve. Experience the romance of Italy with their Tiramisu Gelato. This delectable creation captures the essence of traditional tiramisu, blending coffee-infused gelato with layers of mascarpone and delicate ladyfingers. The charming atmosphere at Dolce Neve provide an intimate setting for couples.

6. Olive & June

Olive & June’s Dolci Torta Madeleine al Cioccolato is a decadent creation featuring espresso chocolate, caramel, and almonds. This dessert combines espresso-infused chocolate with the sweetness of caramel and the crunch of almonds. The elegant and intimate atmosphere at Olive & June provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic date.

Coffee Cocktails:

7. Blue Lacy

Visit Blue Lacy for a unique coffee cocktail experience. Indulge in the Hug in a Mug Cocktail, a blend of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, maple syrup, coffee, and topped with Bailey’s whipped cream. The cozy and laid-back atmosphere at Blue Lacy creates an inviting setting for couples to share a warm and flavorful coffee-infused cocktail.

8. Canje

For a refined, global-inspired cocktail experience, visit Canje. Try the “Naked Courage Desnudo,” a riveting cocktail with cold brew, Licor 43, Averna, Panda, and Vodka. This inventive blend promises a harmonious marriage of coffee, liqueurs, and spirits, creating a bold and memorable coffee cocktail. The stylish ambiance at Canje is perfect for date night.

9. Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove brings a touch of Western charm. Delight your senses with the “Cowboy Coffee,” a robust creation made with Standard Proof Arabica Coffee Rye Whiskey, Disaronno, Espresso, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Creme, Grand Marnier Whip Cream, and garnished with orange zest. The rustic yet elegant setting at Lonesome Dove provides a distinctive backdrop for couples to savor the rich flavors of this cowboy-inspired coffee cocktail.

Austin’s diverse coffee scene provides an array of options for couples seeking a memorable and caffeinated date. Whether you’re exploring charming coffee shops, indulging in sweet coffee desserts, or sipping on innovative coffee cocktails, Austin’s unique blend of flavors and atmospheres promises to make your coffee lover’s date an experience to remember. Cheers to love, coffee, and unforgettable moments in the capital city of Texas!

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