The first free wedding chapel.

We are Roy and Pennie Williams. We’ll be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in the winter of 2026.

We believe that committed life partners are the backbone of family, culture, and a life worth living. This is why we built Chapel Dulcinea in 2005, a free wedding chapel that extends off the edge of a cliff in Austin, Texas.

Each year, more than 1,100 happy couples take a step of faith by walking off the edge of that cliff into Chapel Dulcinea to say, “I do,” then they step into its bell tower to pull the rope of the mighty bronze bell that announces their wedding to the world. For the first 16 years all weddings were free, even though the staffing and operation of that chapel cost us more than $250,000 per year.


Today Chapel Dulcinea is operated by a non-profit organization that charges a small fee for weekend weddings so weekday weddings can remain completely free.

Because we no longer have to fund the operation of Chapel Dulcinea, that $250,000 per year is now covering the costs of staffing and operating this website – along with a growing number of others like it in other cities – because our “why” has never changed.

These Romantic Spots websites are our gifts to happy couples who are looking for something fun to do.

The trilogy that started it all.

The $250,000 comes from WizardOfAds.org, a group of professional ad writers that were brought together by Roy’s first trilogy. These business books became New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, even though each book was just a collection of short stories Roy began posting online in May of 1994.

Prior to 1994, these weekly stories were sent by fax to subscribers worldwide. Subscriptions have always been free. Roy has published a new MondayMorningMemo each week for more than 40 years and continues to do so.

Just as we believe that committed life partners are the backbone of family, culture, and a life worth living, we believe that America’s 6 million small businesses are the backbone of the economy and the American dream. We believe in small businesses.

But mostly we believe in you. We love you and we celebrate you.

Keep being you.

– Pennie and Roy Williams

PS – Our final belief is that 1,000 of the businesses who have been featured on these websites will choose to contribute $250 per year to keep this growing network alive. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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From famous landmarks to little-known hideaways, sweeping natural landscapes to rooftop lounges, crazy art and adventures to violins and candlelight—this guide will help you make magical memories.

The only essential ingredient of course is that you have the one you love by your side. Let’s do this thing.

Search and browse our Romantic Spots in Austin and locate a destination to match your mood. Hike to the cliffs at sunset? Cocktails at a dark corner table? They’re all here—rated and categorized.